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    1. Campsie
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    4. Narellan

No-Scalpel Vasectomy in Sydney

Gentle Procedures Sydney specialises in No-Scalpel Vasectomy using the No-Needle anaesthetic, to ensure that your procedure is quick, gentle and pain free. Your Vasectomy will be performed by our experienced doctors with decades of medical experience.

Our focus on delivering virtually painless Vasectomy in a dedicated and friendly environment permits you to have your short procedure in a timely and convenient way. 

For any questions or concerns call us anytime 4742 3163 or 0490 813 714.

Serving You at Four Sydney Vasectomy Clinics

Gentle Procedures Sydney Vasectomy clinics are located in Campsie, Penrith, Narellan, and Sydney CBD for easy access.

We operate all our Vasectomy clinics with the same high standard of patient care and dedication to the best possible outcome. Clients travel to our Sydney Vasectomy clinics from all over New South Wales.

If you would like to request an Info Pack please click here and we will email one out to you today.

What is No-Scalpel Vasectomy?

No-scalpel Vasectomy is a virtually painless procedure where a tiny puncture is made in the scrotal skin to access the vas deferens instead of two incisions. Local anaesthetic is given by a Needle-less device and skin glue is used to close the small hole.

Contact us anytime at any of our Sydney vasectomy clinics, and we will be pleased to answer your questions or schedule an appointment. 

We serve greater Sydney from clinics in Campsie, Sydney CBD, Narellan and Penrith. Please visit the location of your choice.

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Vasectomy Costs in Sydney & in Australia

Public health studies have found that Australia has one of the higher vasectomy rates in the world, with between 20,000 and 30,000 procedures performed annually for Australian men.

The vasectomy rate has some variation by state, and full detail is available here if you are interested to learn more about vasectomy rates in NSW specifically. Vasectomy costs will also vary somewhat based on the amount of Medicare rebate that may apply in an individual circumstance.

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