No-Scalpel Vasectomy
Gone are the days of creating incisions & using stitches. We use one small puncture & close the wound with surgical glue. We perform all Vasectomies using this technique which results in minimal pain post surgery and a much lower risk of complications.
No-Needle Vasectomy This Is A Game Changer For Most Men!
Vasectomies performed at Gentle Procedures Clinics Sydney uses the No Needle approach. Local anaesthetic is still used but its administration is no longer done with a needle, which is great news for most men. The latest technology is used & developed for all patients of Gentle Procedures Clinics Sydney.
Feeling Scared, Nervous Or Sick About The Thought Of A Vasectomy?
Fear no more! We have a selection of sedation options so ensure you discuss this with your doctor at the consultation component of your Vasectomy appointment.
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Having a Vasectomy will be one of the biggest decisions a man may need to make. If you have completed your family or you are sure you do not want any children in the future, then a Vasectomy may be the right decision for you.
In saying that it also may scare you with regards to the actual procedure.

A lot of men may go through life without having any operation or a medical procedure & this can make you feel scared, unsure and so forth.

The old traditional method of a Vasectomy was to make an incision on both sides of the scrotal area and when the surgery is finished, to use stitches to close the wound.

With the development of modern technology Gentle Procedures Clinics Sydney can confidently tell you that having a Vasectomy is a quick, easy and a pain free procedure.

We speak to every patient after their Vasectomy and ask “did it hurt?” Most men say no and compare it to being kicked in the nuts!

So, why wait? Choose from our four locations and book your Vasectomy appointment today.

We have implemented the No-scalpel Vasectomy with the No-needle approach and offer sedation options as well.

Gentle Procedures Clinics Sydney have four clinic locations in Sydney

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