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25 Years of Medical Experience

About Dr. Naresh Parajuli, MBBS MIPH MM FRACGP

Dr Parajuli has been working as a medical practitioner in Australia and overseas for over 25 years.

He has a wide range of experience in various medical fields including working as an emergency physician, family physician, public health administrator, family planning, men’s health, and as a skin cancer doctor.

His extensive experience has taken him from working as a solo doctor in the most remote parts of Bhutan to the most modern and sophisticated general practices in Australia. 

Dr. Parajuli is a Fellow of Royal Australian College of General Practitioners, and his present fields of expertise are no-scalpel vasectomy and skin cancer surgery

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Dr. Naresh Parajuli MBBS MIPH MM FRACGP

Background and Training

After completing an MBBS in 1991, Dr Parajuli served as a Medical Officer, Superintendent and District Medical Officer for 10 years in Bhutan before moving to Australia for further education.

He completed a Master of International Public Health in 2002 and a Master of Medicine in 2003 at the University of Sydney, Australia. He then started working as a General Practitioner and subsequently became a Fellow of Royal Australian College of General Practitioners in 2006.

He also attained Advanced Training in Skin Cancer Surgery and at present practices skin surgery in Sydney.

Dr Parajuli loves doing procedural work. He started doing vasectomy in 1992 but in 2017, he went to British Columbia in Canada to retrain in the most advanced technique – No Scalpel, No Needle, Open Ended Vasectomy –  under Associate Professor, Neil Pollock. Dr. Pollock is a world famous and authoritative figure in vasectomy and has performed over 35000 procedures at his clinics.

Besides his interest in various fields of medicine, Dr Parajuli is very passionate about promoting awareness of cancer.

In his daily practice, he takes keen interest in advising his patients on how adopting a healthy lifestyle can prevent many cancers.

To promote cancer awareness among wider global communities, he has also published a book on cancer called ‘Do I Have Cancer?’.

The book is available in many online stores including  Amazon, Barnes and Noble and Balboa Press.

Dr Parajuli also writes articles regularly on various medical subjects. He is an expert author at


  • Certificate in No Scalpel, No Needle. Open-Ended’ Vasectomy, University of British Columbia, Canada-2017
  • Advanced Certificate in Skin Cancer Surgery, The University of Queensland, Australia-2016
  • Fellow of Royal Australian College of General Practitioner (FRACGP), Australia – 2007
  • Post-graduate Diploma in Medical Ethics, Monash University, Australia – 2010
  • Master of Medicine, University of Sydney, Australia – 2003
  • Master of International Public Health, University of Sydney, Australia – 2002
  • Post-graduate Diploma in Nutrition and Dietetics, IHCA, India – 2000
  • MBBS, Calcutta Medical College, India – 1991

Vasectomy Practice at Gentle Procedures Clinic in Sydney

Dr. Parajuli feels that at present many men in Sydney who have completed their family and considering undergoing vasectomy do not have easy access to the procedure.

There are not enough trained doctors close by and patients have to wait a long time, or travel to other cities for a vasectomy. This is inconvenient and time consuming.

Hence, accessibility is a big problem for men wishing to undergo a vasectomy.

Considering the issues of accessibility, convenience, and cost that is affecting men in choosing a Vasectomy, Dr Parajuli started vasectomy clinics in Sydney under the banner of Gentle Procedures Clinic.

Since 2017 his clinics have become very popular mainly because of ease of making appointments, convenient locations, and very affordable cost.

His patients are not only from the Sydney Metro area but also from all over NSW and even interstate. Please call the clinic anytime to speak with Dr. Parajuli or to schedule an appointment at any of our clinic locations.

Vasectomy Clinic Schedule:

  • Tuesdays at Parramatta
  • Wednesdays at Gledswood Hills, Camden
  • Thursdays at Narellan
  • Fridays at Penrith

Dr Parajuli provides a  high-quality vasectomy procedure as evidenced from his Google reviews and patient feedback. He offers a personalized service, calling the patients himself, counselling about vasectomy and clarifying all concerns and queries before any man makes decision to undergo vasectomy.

Please call our clinic to speak with Dr. Parajuli directly, or contact us anytime with your inquiry.

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