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Reviews from Some of Our Sydney Vasectomy Clients

Reviews from Some of Our Sydney Vasectomy Clients 2018-05-11T11:19:23+00:00

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Thank you Dr Parajuli

I must confess to having some trepidation around the procedure but after investigating and inquiring about your services online I soon received a call from yourself and had a good conversation about the procedure and felt much more at ease. Within a week I was having the procedure and throughout both yourself and your nurse were very helpful and comforting making the whole process painless. I would not hesitate in recommending your services to others.

by Mark on Vasectomy Sydney
Very easy experience

You have been very proactive in ensuring my comfort post-surgery and provided a very easy experience for what was a rather daunting procedure for me.

Would do it again

Thank you for the service you provided. I’ve told friends and others I would do it again if I could, I don’t like surgery but this was comfortable again thank you for your service.

by Richie on Vasectomy Sydney
Great result with minimum pain

Thank you Dr Parajuli and his team, they are very helpful from beginning till the end. You are very clear and aware of the procedure that make the whole thing is so much less worried and stressed. Thank you so much for your great work Dr. Parajuli.

Dr Naresh made me feel very comfortable during the procedure. There was a little bit of pain however it went very well overall. I would recommend to all of my friends who need this done.Thank you

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