New Clinic Address in Penrith With State-of-the-Art Facilities For Gentle Procedures Sydney, The No-Scalpel Vasectomy (NSV) Specialist

New Penrith Address Complements Existing Clinic Locations All Over Sydney

Gentle Procedures Sydney, the dedicated provider of no-scalpel, single-puncture, minimally invasive vasectomy clinic has moved its Penrith clinic to a new location in the western Sydney suburb of Kingswood. In addition to this new address in Penrith, Gentle Procedures Sydney also serves patients from all over New South Wales and beyond with convenient clinic locations in Parramatta and Narellan.

Gentle Procedures Clinic Is A Well-Known Vasectomy Specialist in Sydney

Gentle Procedures Sydney, part of the global network of Gentle Procedures Clinics, with affiliated doctors in Australia, the UK, Ireland, Canada, and the USA, is well-known for its world-class vasectomy procedure with limited wait times for an appointment. The No-Scalpel Vasectomy (NSV) and skin glue closure procedure is simple and comfortable. The cost is also favourable compared to other contraceptive methods – given that it is a one-time expenditure, paid in part by Medicare.

During the procedure, Dr Parajuli performs an “open-ended” vasectomy technique, where the vas from the lower end of the tube is left open (uncauterized), while the upper end of the tube leading to the penis is cauterized. He believes it to be a comfortable and effective method for male vasectomy, and is proud to offer the virtually painless and convenient vasectomy experience for Sydney men.

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New Clinic Location Will Better Serve Its Patients in Metro Sydney

The new location offers new, state-of-the art facilities to better overall customer experience for patients looking for simple, quick and virtually painless vasectomy in a dedicated clinic setting. The new clinic’s close proximity to A9 and A44 highways and the Kingwood train station will improve access and will benefit patients from all over Metro Sydney.

“We are extremely proud to move into our new location. The new and modern facility with private surgical rooms will allow us to increase patient access to the no-scalpel method of vasectomy, “ says Dr. Naresh Parajuli, the founder of Gentle Procedures Vasectomy Clinic Sydney.

About Gentle Procedures

We offer the renowned no-scalpel, single puncture, minimally invasive vasectomy procedure for NSW men. Gentle Procedures Clinic is dedicated to upholding the highest international standards of male surgical care while treating patients with compassion, dignity, and respect.